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Many people today consider investing in apartments for rent seeking to obtain a reasonable return on the savings you have in the bank and that do not give you anything, or what they have invested in the stock market, hoping that nothing strange happens and that they do not lose what that I have invested.

But above all what they are looking for is security, before profitability. It has already been seen on several occasions that money invested in banking and the stock market can be lost. In real estate investments, the price may fall, but there is a physical asset that has a value and it can be traded.

Investment in real estate has always been for the conservative investor profile. I did not expect great returns, but I knew that if you manage the rent well (selecting the tenant well) and have patience, not only do you get the capital gains from the rent, but also that when you sell the property, it has appreciated.

That today there are many people who doubt it, but it is irrefutable with data. In Spain, in the last 40 years, the average revaluation of flats has been 5% per year.

An investor in real estate must be well advised, not only at the time of purchase to correctly choose the property to buy based on their expectations of profitability and liquidity, but also in obtaining financing, in managing the property, in taxation, etc. Leaving any of these points to chance can derail our investment expectations.

But what return should we expect from a good investment in apartments for rent?

Anything that exceeds a net profitability of 5% is more than acceptable, but you have to do the numbers right because if we don’t calculate them correctly we can be misled. Sometimes they present us with returns that are not true and it is necessary to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The profitability of the investment is calculated as (INCOME – EXPENSES) / INVESTMENT, where the INCOME are calculated annually (rents), the EXPENSES are the housing operations (IBI, Community of Owners, Management, Maintenance, …) and the INVESTMENT is the money that we have disbursed to acquire the property (purchase, taxes, notary, registration, mortgage constitution expenses, …)


If we buy a flat for € 140,000 in Madrid and pay it in cash (purchase costs € 12,600), we rent it for € 750 / month, € 400 IBI, € 60 / month Community, … these numbers would come out:

PROFIT = (750 * 12 – 400 – 60 * 12) / 152,600 = 5.24%

As we have mentioned, if it is possible to rent that apartment at that price in a stable way, the profitability would be 5.24%, which would be more than reasonable.

But, how can we do that with a floor with characteristics similar to the one in the example, we can obtain returns of 20%? Is that possible?

The answer is yes. But you have to refine much more in what is bought, where, in tax benefits, financial leverage, … in short, go hand in hand with a specialist.

If we buy this € 140,000 flat in a suburb of Madrid, with a high demand for rentals, we finance 80% of the investment at a fixed rate of 1%, and we benefit from the reduced ITP for investors in the Community of Madrid, the return we obtain (even discounting the costs of the interest we pay on the mortgage, the rental management costs and the non-payment of rents insurance) is 26.75%.

If we also count the average revaluation of the area, it goes to 48.75%.

A luxury available to anyone, who is well advised.


Alberto Murcia

Director of the REALTY PLUS Real Estate Group


What led you to choose this sector to start your activity as a franchisee?
Did you know the sector before starting the activity?


It is a sector that, perhaps because of the closeness I had to it, I have always had the concern of what I could contribute using my personal qualities.

Although he did know the real estate world, he was totally unaware of it from the point of view of an advisor.


What differences did you find in REALTY PLUS that made you choose this franchise?

When I decided to opt for a franchise, the first thing I was looking for was to be able to find one where the initial investment was reasonable, for the fear that if it did not turn out as I expected the risk to be as low as possible.

If he could find this, another aspect that was very clear to him was to find one where one of the primary objectives was commitment to the project and closeness to the franchisee.

After weighing several possibilities, I decided on the one that in addition to gathering this I most identified with her.


How has the service been received by the Central before and after the signing of the franchise contract? (In the field of support, training …)

From the first day I have had the feeling of being part of a team, working towards the same goal.

Regarding the attention received from the Central I have to emphasize that it has been 10 before, during and after the beginning of the work together. They are always there, to support you on a day-to-day basis, and they achieve all this thanks to the continuous training and information we receive regarding the real estate world.



What advice would you give to a person who is interested in starting a business in this sector?
More than advice (who am I to give advice to anyone), I would tell you that, if you consider yourself an entrepreneur, with a spirit of improvement, if you have constancy in what you do, if you like social relationships, if you consider this sector not only as a sales sector but as a service to help others, if you are willing to work, this may be your place where you can carry it out.



If I had to start from scratch; Individual opening or through franchise?
Without a doubt always franchise.


Even in this strange and complicated year, Realtyplus continues to grow at all levels. We have opened new franchises in Spain, internationally and, above all, we have developed new services so that our teams are better and can help their customers better every day.



Spain: this year 2020 we have opened new Realtyplus franchises in the Basque Country, the Balearic Islands, Levante, Andalusia, Madrid, Castilla La Mancha and Castilla y León.

At an international level, we have incorporated new Master Franchises in Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico into our network, as well as new franchisees in Latin America that have allowed us to be present in 11 countries.

In addition, we are already well advanced in the openings of new franchises in Europe and Asia.



At the beginning of 2020 we have opened our new headquarters in Madrid, in the heart of the Salamanca district. More space, more equipment, closer.

We have also improved and expanded our franchisee expansion, training and support departments.

At the technology level, we already have new tools for mortgage and insurance processing, group work tools between offices, etc. as well as tools for calculating electricity self-consumption, payment gateways with web / Smartphone card to facilitate payments and signals, …

We have launched a free online advisory tool for our clients in real estate, legal and tax, financial and insurance matters.



We are aware that training is a fundamental pillar in the 21st century real estate agent. Technology, purchasing procedures, legal and tax systems, etc. should be to become tools that help our teams of real estate advisers, so that they can help their clients

We have added new training content in areas such as Energy in homes, Social Networks, Photography with a Smartphone, etc. We have also updated and expanded our training plans and certificates.



We have made a special effort to develop new services around the world of real estate investment, both nationally and internationally.

We have also created new business and service channels:

Global Opportunities: Acquiring real real estate opportunities is already possible at Realtyplus. Auctions, embargoes, quick sales, …

A team of specialist Realtors and Lawyers will help you to be successful.


Global Cash: Financial company of the group dedicated to helping our clients in all matters related to mortgage financing, private equity, reverse mortgages, personal loans, business financing, investments and savings plans, …


GlobalUrban: Sustainable real estate developer company. Industrialized construction, Energy Efficiency, Passive Houses, … for custom projects or with 4 predefined models of efficient houses.


And for 2021?

Far from stopping, we will continue to grow much more.

We are the RedInmobiliariaColoborativa. The more agencies, more equipment, better services, more clients… the better we can help our clients. We must foster collaboration within the network and externally.

Our challenges in 2021 is to establish ourselves and grow more where we already are and, above all, open new markets. The real estate market is global, our clients are global, our services are global, we have to be global. There are no borders at Realtyplus.

Perhaps the most important challenge for this 2021 that Realtyplus Central has is the creation of the loyalty system (Win For Ever) that will allow our clients and supporters to be in contact with the real estate world and always win. We will explain more.


If you are interested in developing your international real estate business, do not hesitate to write to me:


The year 2020 is over and we have a 2021 full of hopes and good wishes. Like every year, but this much more.

This new year that is coming is going to mean an important change in the lives of many people and, from Realtyplus we want to tell you that the real estate world offers you the possibility to change your life and depend only on your effort to be able to live with dignity.

Realtyplus is not just another real estate.

We are a network of real estate franchises based in Spain and we are already in 11 countries. We are possibly the most international Spanish real estate network.

There are three requirements that must be met in order to work at Realtyplus:

  • Feel like working
  • I want to learn
  • Wanting to help people around you

And with this and a little more, you can work in one of our companies, or be your own boss and never depend on other people for a living.

If you want to be the owner of your destination, we have several types of franchises with very little investment. We adapt to your needs and help you grow as far as you want in a world as exciting as the real estate world.

And if you also live in a rural area, take advantage of the SIVER-LAND plan for new real estate agents.

Previous experience is not necessary. Our training plan, our support and technology will help you to be an outstanding Real Estate Advisor in your area.


Do not wait more.


Ask for more information at and consult our website


In this year 2020, many things have happened that are leading a large number of people to reinvent themselves at the work level.

They must seek new jobs, and even many must seek new formulas for self-employment that allow them not only to overcome the current situation, but also to enter a new reality in the world of work that gives them more security and depends only on themselves.

Even if we are in a bad situation, even if we do not know what is going to happen, although all the information given to us leads us to pessimism, we must recover and work our own way. We should not wait for anyone to come to solve our problems, each one must act and, above all, stop complaining and see how we can use what happens around us in a positive way.

The human being hates changes. If it weren’t for the fact that at some point someone’s cavern caught fire, we would surely continue living in them. Crises first provoke fear, panic, rejection, etc. , but thanks to them humanity evolves. Seize the moment and look for new horizons.

The real estate world, as we conceive it at Realtyplus, can be a serious option for these people who need a change of sector.

Although the real estate sector is also prey to the current crisis, it is no less true that housing is a basic necessity and, if people cannot buy houses, they rent them, and if they rent them, there must be someone to buy them as an investment. , … not to mention that it is a good refuge for small investors who, due to the uncertainty of pensions and the low profitability and risk of other investments or how little banks pay for deposits, see the security of the ” brick ”a great option.

Be that as it may, in this real estate sector there is and will be place and work for good professionals who decide on this sector. But it has to be serious, competent, adding value to your customers and helping.

Being one of them in a market with a lot of competition does not make sense. Leaving an activity that makes us suffer to suffer elsewhere makes no sense. Trying to do everything alone and end up hurting customers, which is the hand that feeds us, does not make sense.

At Realtyplus we understand the real estate market as a sector in which our clients expect the best of ourselves. We are not sellers, we are not commercial, we are not ruthless. We are professionals, we are advisers and we help our clients in EVERYTHING they may need and that is related to a real estate transaction.

At Realtyplus we are aware of the current delicate situation and that many people are looking for new horizons, but above all they are looking for SECURITY. That is why we have just launched a new type of real estate franchise called SILVER.

SILVER is Realtyplus’s bet to HELP enter the real estate market without pain. With this modality and, WITHOUT INVESTMENT, we can start in the real estate market with a client portfolio, with a product portfolio, with all the covered services that a real estate agent may need (training, advertising, technology, legal advice, management, accounting, insurance of civil responsibility,….), complementary services that provide you income (insurance, financial, reforms,…) all without investment.

In addition, with the help of Realtyplus and, if you want, you can evolve with other types of franchises that we put at your disposal (IRON, QUARTZ, …) so that at all times you are where you want to be and your income expectations can be met , evolution, professional, etc. as far as you want.

If you also live in a town or city with less than 1,500 inhabitants, you can benefit from the Realtyplus Silver-Land work system designed for self-employment in rural areas. Not only are you going to enjoy a much less stressful environment than that of large cities, but you can work, totally or partially, in the real estate market, help your neighbors and earn a very good living. You can combine it with other professional activities. You manage your time and your life.

But, there is still more, your market is the world. You have no limit on types of clients to work, types of properties to manage, areas of action, countries of action, etc. And, if you are satisfied with us and at some point you want to or have to move from an area or country, it is not a problem if you are in Realtyplus. We not only allow it, but we will help you.

At Realtyplus we are clear that our clients (agents, our franchisees, our teams, the clients of our agencies,….) Come first.




Enter the 21st century hand in hand with professionals.

“If you walk alone, you will go faster; if you walk together, you will go further ”




Realtyplus is an international real estate network, with world headquarters in Madrid (Spain)

Alberto Murcia


Maite Méndez
Manager oficina de Talavera de la Reina
(Toledo –




  • ¿Qué le llevó a escoger este sector para iniciar su actividad como franquiciado?

Me viene de familia, mi padre junto con su socio puso Inmobiliaria MAYO en Talavera, solamente había dos en Talavera, en aquellas fechas y siempre me gustó, al perder mi puesto de trabajo debido a la crisis, y después de dar muchas vueltas, ¡pensé que por qué no continuar con la saga familiar!

Me gusta mucho el trato con el cliente siempre he tenido puestos con un perfil muy comercial, los inmuebles me apasionan, la decoración, las reformas…tenia los contactos del tiempo que estuve como secretaria de mi padre, aunque había que retomarlos, y ya había hecho visitas a inmuebles con él.


  • Qué diferencias encontró en Realtyplus que le hicieron optar por esta franquicia?

Lo primero fue el trato con Alberto Murcia, me pareció una persona que tenía los mismos valores de seriedad, honestidad, y amor por este trabajo que yo había vivido en mi casa, y lo segundo lo que me ofrecía su franquicia, viendo que tenemos un PLUS, quien opta por nosotros tiene más servicios a su disposición que le facilitan las transacciones inmobiliarias, y el asesoramiento de profesionales especializados, la franquicia nos forma para ello constantemente.

No dudé en inclinarme por Realtyplus era lo que yo quería dar a mis clientes.


  • ¿Cómo ha sido la atención recibida por la Central antes y después de la firma del contrato de franquicia?

Yo ya tuve una experiencia como franquiciada con otra firma en otro sector, y totalmente diferente, Realtyplus te escucha, y para mí eso es primordial, que nos marque sus directrices y su forma de trabajar, es esencial, pero para mí es más importante que nos escuche y nos tenga en cuenta, que se interese por nuestras dificultades y nos ayude, ya que somos los que estamos en la calle con nuestros clientes y en nuestra plaza y los que damos la cara en nombre de la marca. Y aún más importante que no seamos un número al servicio de la marca, si no los dueños y directores de nuestro negocio luchando por nuestro trabajo y nuestros clientes, esta profesión está muy infravalorada en España y tenemos que darle valor demostrando que se pueden hacer las cosas muy bien y que el cliente siempre tendrá ventajas con Realtyplus.


  • ¿Qué ventajas o desventajas se encuentra un franquiciado de Realtyplus respecto a una tienda individual?

¡Para mi todo son ventajas!

En principio tenemos la marca, nos identificamos como grupo, a nuestro favor hay una serie de acuerdos con partners que en solitario cuesta mucho trabajo conseguir, aportamos nuestra sinergia de grupo para conseguirlos y la fuerza de la franquicia hace que nos tengan en cuenta.

Realtyplus son varias opciones dentro de una misma marca, especializadas para dar servicio a clientes concretos, hay mucho por descubrir en esta franquicia!, en solitario, puedes especializarte, pero no contar con un montón de profesionales que te ayudan en cada particularidad, en cada sector, con cada cliente.

Formación continua, para mi importantísimo, es la manera de que el día a día no nos deje fuera de las novedades del sector. Y nos estemos reciclando continuamente. En solitario no tienes tiempo para formarte te absorbe el trabajo.

Tenemos acceso a cursos fuera de la franquicia que son muy importantes para nuestro trabajo. Por mi experiencia cuando estas en solitario priorizas otras cosas y no vas de curso…

Una central que está continuamente ayudando, hace un trabajo ímprobo por todos nosotros, a veces poco reconocido. ¡Tenemos a nuestra disposición a varios profesionales que nos facilitan el trato con los partners, para mí es como si en mi oficina fuéramos el doble de personas trabajando!

Asistir a eventos que nos ponen en contacto con otros profesionales, pertenecer a asociaciones…. Podríamos estar todo un día desgranando las ventajas.


  • Si tuviera que partir de cero; ¿apertura individual o a través de franquicia?

Ya he abierto negocios de cero, sin formación y sin apoyo y sé los resultados.

Volvería a hacer lo mismo, buscar la franquicia que más opciones de desarrollo de negocio y formación me ofreciera. Antes de decidirme por Realtyplus tuve contacto con otras franquicias inmobiliarias, no fue una decisión a la ligera.

Si te vas a embarcar en una experiencia empresarial tienes que rodearte de aquellos que ya lo han hecho y tienen éxito, si no el camino que te espera es duro y correoso…yo a la semana de firmar estaba trabajando y obteniendo los primeros resultados en un mes aproximadamente, también me metí de lleno y tomé los colores como míos, y me fui a las primeras jornadas de formación sin un duro en el bolsillo, consciente de que si quería funcionar y dar un buen servicio a mis clientes debía formarme y reciclarme, el mundo inmobiliario ha cambiado de cuando mi padre trabajaba y hay que estar al día, no podemos seguir trabajando como antes, tenemos que unirnos, colaborar, y hacer de esta profesión lo que es, un seguro para el que vende, compra, alquila….

Hacer una transacción sin un profesional y sin experiencia la mayoría de las veces da más dolores de cabeza de lo que nadie piensa…pero para dar esa seguridad al cliente tienes que tener seguridad en lo que haces y conocer tu negocio.



¡Ya en 10 países y seguimos creciendo!

Las franquicias inmobiliarias somos la mejor solución para empezar en un negocio complejo como el real estate. Te ofrecemos la planificación de tu negocio sin tener que pensar en el cómo, en el para qué, de qué manera, … Te lo damos resuelto.

Son muchos los parámetros que hay que tener en cuenta a la hora de tomar la decisión de entrar en el mundo inmobiliario. Fundamentalmente hay que pensar en cuál de los nichos que ofrece el mercado has de participar.

El momento idóneo es siempre, independientemente de en qué circunstancia económica se encuentre el mercado. Por lo general, cuando pensamos en real estate, pensamos en compraventa de vivienda a particulares y es mucho más que eso.

Aquí dejo sólo algunos de las ramas del real estate en las que puedes invertir y en las que Realtyplus te ayudará:

  • compraventa de vivienda residencial
  • gestión de alquiler residencial
  • gestión de alquiler vacacional
  • compraventa de 2ª residencia
  • gestión de promociones de obra nueva
  • management de activos para fondos de inversión
  • compraventa de suelos-plots
  • gestión de espacios urbanos
  • activos industriales
  • inmuebles hospitalarios y de salud
  • geriátricos
  • ventas cruzadas nacionales e internacionales
  • financiación inmobiliaria (para la compraventa, hipotecas inversas, crédito capital privado, …)
  • y otros que no enumero para no hacer interminable el listado.


Para todos y cada uno de estos nichos necesitas conocer las formas de comercialización, toma de contacto con los vendedores, compradores, inversores, gestores, etc. La legislación aplicable en cada caso, las reglas que en cada rama del sector se aplican de costumbre, cómo se financia cada tipo operación mercantil, un sinfín de materias que, en definitiva, son inabarcables y que, sólo con el apoyo de un grupo de profesionales como el nuestro, especializado en cada una de las ramas del real estate, podrás comenzar a dominar.


Elige cuál es la rama con la que quieres hacer business y nosotros te diremos cómo hacer tu negocio realidad. (Habla con nosotros.)

También puedes leer el documento 12 razones para ser Realtyplus. Y verás la cantidad de posibilidades que se abren ante ti.

Realtyplus aglutina en sus filas a profesionales inmobiliarios de diversas procedencias para proporcionarte el asesoramiento y la formación adecuados. No en vano, nuestra franquicia, realiza de lunes a viernes webinarios internacionales para nuestros Master franquicias, franquiciados y todo el personal de Realtyplus. Somos formación y actualización continua.

En la mayoría de los países no existe un título oficial que acredite ni al agente ni a la empresa del real estate como experto en el desempeño de su labor profesional y son pocas las instituciones que dan formación de calidad, por eso, Realtyplus es la opción. Impartimos formación con titulación propia que acredita tus conocimientos y profesionalidad.

Realtyplus ¡es tu oportunidad, es ahora!



What is the Golden Visa?

hello this is an example.

The Golden Visa in Spain is a visa granted to non-EU people to be able to reside and work in Spain.
There are several assumptions to obtain it, but the most used is to invest more than 500,000 euros in real estate.

What are the benefits of the Golden Visa?

The main benefits are:
• It is a fairly quick administrative process.
• Residence in Spain is not mandatory.
• There is no minimum residence time in Spain.
• The initial permit is for two years.
• Renewal periods are five years. Provided that the amount of the investment is maintained.
• You can change the investment property, as long as the minimum amount is maintained.
• The visa allows you to work legally in Spanish territory.
• The close relatives of the investor enter into the residence permit. Couple, children under 18 years, children over 18 years economically dependent and the parents of the investor without are economically dependent.
• You can visit other countries of the Schengen area.

Requirements for obtaining the Golden Visa?

To obtain the Golden Visa, apart from the real estate investment, it is necessary that you meet the following requirements:
• Not be found irregularly in Spain.
• Being over 18 years.
• Lack of a criminal record in Spain and in the countries where he has resided in the last 5 years, for crimes foreseen in the Spanish legal system.
• Not appear as rejectable in the territorial space of countries with which Spain has signed an agreement in this regard.
• Have a public insurance or private health insurance arranged with an insurance entity authorized to operate in Spain.
• Have sufficient financial resources for himself and for his family members during his period of residence in Spain (€ 2,130 per month for the interested party and € 532 for each family member in charge).
• Pay the fee for visa processing.

How can I process the Golden Visa?

If you want to process the Spanish Golden Visa you have two options:
1. You can do it yourself through the Spanish Embassy and the Spanish Administration. But you will see that it is a complex process and that it must be done correctly so that you do not have any problem and benefit from all the help that Spain puts at your disposal.
2. With professions specialized in processing Golden Visa. In Realtyplus we have specialist lawyers who will advise you before, during and after the whole process.

If you want more information contact our headquarters: 911 107 727,


Do you want to sell your house? Do you want to get the most money possible for it?

These are the questions that are being asked by many people who have decided to put their house for sale.

As a real estate professional, my first advice is to put them in the hands of specialists, since they are the ones who will help you determine the right price, how to prepare the house for sale, on tax issues, on legal issues, on issues marketing, financial issues, …


Many people tell us: “the house is sold as it is and whoever comes to fix it” and nobody explains to the owners that it goes against their interests. The houses prepared for sale are sold before and for more money, according to studies the prices can vary 15% of being prepared or not. But buyers often want to move into homes that are ready to live, most of them want to make only minor changes and improvements.

It should make us think that when we want to sell something that has much less value than a house we try to turn it into an attractive product and, for we want buyers to value our house to the maximum without doing anything to highlight their good qualities. The most important advice I can give you to be able to sell our house well is to be aware of the importance of preparing the product for sale.



I recently read an article on how to sell your used car well and this is what it said:

1. The first step is to find out how much the car in question is worth and set a reasonable sale price. This must be done in several ways:
– Ask for an appraisal to the professionals of the sector (mechanics, dealers, resellers, etc.).
– Consult the insurance company about the real value of the car in the market.
– Find out how much other owners ask for vehicles with similar characteristics.

2. Improve the appearance: One of the most important aspects that you must take care of when selling our car is to improve the exterior appearance. Paint, rims, mirrors, tires, …

3. Improve the interior appearance: To clean the interior of the car you can pay to have it done by a specialist or do it yourself. Upholstery, dashboard, carpets, …

4. The cleaning may have discovered some damage to the body. If you have the car insured at all risk, go through the workshop to fix it, otherwise you can fix your scratches in a cheap way.

If this and much more is what we do for a car that we are going to sell for € 3,000, what should we do to sell a € 200,000 house well?

Here are some cheap real estate specialist tips:

1.- WE BELIEVE THE SALE. We must see our house as a commodity that must be sold. We must tell ourselves that it is no longer our home. Choosing the right price for the house to be visible in the market is a direct consequence of seeing our house as a commodity to be sold.

2.- DEPERSONALIZE THE HOUSE. Buyers do not want to see what our home is like, but feel if that space could become theirs. That is, you have to keep all kinds of family memories such as photos, personal decorative items, religious, political or sports items, souvenirs, …

3.-POWER THE LIGHTING. It is essential that your home is well lit. A bright space creates good feelings for the buyer. Gaining light in a home is adding points when selling it. The lack of natural light can be compensated with good artificial lighting and some tricks in the decoration of the space. Check that all the bulbs work. Open the blinds and place drapery curtains.

4.- CLEANING. The more orderly and less things there are in the house, the better. We must carry out a thorough cleaning of our house. Polish and wax the floor to shine. It is also important that we take care of the smell of the house: we must eliminate tobacco, the smell of food or animals. Use air fresheners with soft odors. You are probably immune to the aromas of your home, so you will need to have a friend or neighbor to help you.

5.- ARRANGE DESPERFECTS. We must make a little investment to get more for our house. Let’s check doors, windows, kitchen, bathroom, cistern, plugs, faucets, and floors. If we see that something is deteriorated we must fix it or change it, always putting attractive materials that are not expensive.

6.- REORGANIZE FURNITURE. The objective is to give a feeling of greater amplitude. Having less furniture and better reorganized the spatial vision of the house changes. Eliminate bulky furniture that blocks the way, so the rooms will look much more spacious, so buyers can better imagine how their own furniture would be in each of the rooms.

7.- ORDER. There are two main problems with the disorder. One is that it distracts buyers from the characteristics of their home and the other is that it seems that the house does not have enough space. You must rearrange the cabinets, an interested client will review them. The storage room, if you have it, must also be clear so that it stands out as a large space.

8.- PAINTING. It will completely change our house. With a coat of paint, any room will look much newer and brighter. Choose light colors so they can better capture the light.

9.- EXTERIORS. You have to take advantage of the exterior you have, whether terrace, balcony or garden. In case your house has a garden you should cut the lawn, arrange the trees and plants, reorganize garden furniture, eliminate or repair very deteriorated elements, … to give a pleasant and orderly impression.

10.- GOOD PHOTOGRAPHS. Once everything is ready, take the opportunity to take good photographs, ideally for professional photographers since they know how to take advantage of the spaces and have better photography equipment. A video of our house will help attract more potential buyers.



Mansion Global (26/02/2018)

Second-home buyers are driving the recovery in Spain’s property market, including a growing cohort of Scandinavian buyers, according to new reports.

Swedish nationals made up the fifth largest cohort of foreign buyers in Spain in 2017, accounting for 6.4% of all foreign purchases, according to government statistics released last week. In the fourth quarter of 2017, foreigners made up 13.6% of all Spanish property transactions—the highest percentage in at least two years, according to the report.

Swedes have increased their activity in Spain considerably over the past five years. In 2012, they accounted for 4.6% of foreign buyers, according to data from the Spanish registrars.

The foreign top buyers in Spain last year were British, comprising 15% of foreign purchases, French, 8.6%, and Germans, 7.8%, according to the data.

Swedes now account for 10% of all purchases made with Spain’s top builder, Taylor Wimpey España, the company said in a news release on Monday.

The firm has seen an influx of Nordic buyers in the southern coastal area of Marbella, where they comprised 80% of all sales in luxury developments handled by Taylor Wimpey.

“Spain’s economy is the fastest growing in the Eurozone, bringing greater confidence back to the property market and thus attracting demand from North European countries. Over the last few years, we have seen a real boost from Swedish buyers especially,” said Marc Pritchard, sales and marketing director of Taylor Wimpey España, in a statement.

Norwegians and Danes are also increasing their Spanish property purchases. Norwegians made up 2.2% of foreign sales in 2017, while Danes accounted for 1% of sales, according to the annual data from the Spanish registrars.

Meanwhile, foreign buyers in general gave a major boost to home sales in Valencia.

Home sales in the eastern coastal province rose 21% in 2017 over the year prior, according to government statistics.

Brokerage Lucas Fox said its sales in Valencia rose 86% in 2017. International buyers made up 40% of the agency’s buyer pool in the area.

The brokerage’s top foreign clientele were French, British and American, it said on Monday.

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