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21 diciembre, 2020 por Alberto Murcia Jabaloy0

The year 2020 is over and we have a 2021 full of hopes and good wishes. Like every year, but this much more.

This new year that is coming is going to mean an important change in the lives of many people and, from Realtyplus we want to tell you that the real estate world offers you the possibility to change your life and depend only on your effort to be able to live with dignity.

Realtyplus is not just another real estate.

We are a network of real estate franchises based in Spain and we are already in 11 countries. We are possibly the most international Spanish real estate network.

There are three requirements that must be met in order to work at Realtyplus:

  • Feel like working
  • I want to learn
  • Wanting to help people around you

And with this and a little more, you can work in one of our companies, or be your own boss and never depend on other people for a living.

If you want to be the owner of your destination, we have several types of franchises with very little investment. We adapt to your needs and help you grow as far as you want in a world as exciting as the real estate world.

And if you also live in a rural area, take advantage of the SIVER-LAND plan for new real estate agents.

Previous experience is not necessary. Our training plan, our support and technology will help you to be an outstanding Real Estate Advisor in your area.


Do not wait more.


Ask for more information at expansion@realty-plus.es and consult our website www.realty-plus.org

Alberto Murcia Jabaloy

Alberto Murcia Jabaloy

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