Do you want to sell your house? Do you want to get the most money possible for it?

These are the questions that are being asked by many people who have decided to put their house for sale.

As a real estate professional, my first advice is to put them in the hands of specialists, since they are the ones who will help you determine the right price, how to prepare the house for sale, on tax issues, on legal issues, on issues marketing, financial issues, …


Many people tell us: “the house is sold as it is and whoever comes to fix it” and nobody explains to the owners that it goes against their interests. The houses prepared for sale are sold before and for more money, according to studies the prices can vary 15% of being prepared or not. But buyers often want to move into homes that are ready to live, most of them want to make only minor changes and improvements.

It should make us think that when we want to sell something that has much less value than a house we try to turn it into an attractive product and, for we want buyers to value our house to the maximum without doing anything to highlight their good qualities. The most important advice I can give you to be able to sell our house well is to be aware of the importance of preparing the product for sale.



I recently read an article on how to sell your used car well and this is what it said:

1. The first step is to find out how much the car in question is worth and set a reasonable sale price. This must be done in several ways:
– Ask for an appraisal to the professionals of the sector (mechanics, dealers, resellers, etc.).
– Consult the insurance company about the real value of the car in the market.
– Find out how much other owners ask for vehicles with similar characteristics.

2. Improve the appearance: One of the most important aspects that you must take care of when selling our car is to improve the exterior appearance. Paint, rims, mirrors, tires, …

3. Improve the interior appearance: To clean the interior of the car you can pay to have it done by a specialist or do it yourself. Upholstery, dashboard, carpets, …

4. The cleaning may have discovered some damage to the body. If you have the car insured at all risk, go through the workshop to fix it, otherwise you can fix your scratches in a cheap way.

If this and much more is what we do for a car that we are going to sell for € 3,000, what should we do to sell a € 200,000 house well?

Here are some cheap real estate specialist tips:

1.- WE BELIEVE THE SALE. We must see our house as a commodity that must be sold. We must tell ourselves that it is no longer our home. Choosing the right price for the house to be visible in the market is a direct consequence of seeing our house as a commodity to be sold.

2.- DEPERSONALIZE THE HOUSE. Buyers do not want to see what our home is like, but feel if that space could become theirs. That is, you have to keep all kinds of family memories such as photos, personal decorative items, religious, political or sports items, souvenirs, …

3.-POWER THE LIGHTING. It is essential that your home is well lit. A bright space creates good feelings for the buyer. Gaining light in a home is adding points when selling it. The lack of natural light can be compensated with good artificial lighting and some tricks in the decoration of the space. Check that all the bulbs work. Open the blinds and place drapery curtains.

4.- CLEANING. The more orderly and less things there are in the house, the better. We must carry out a thorough cleaning of our house. Polish and wax the floor to shine. It is also important that we take care of the smell of the house: we must eliminate tobacco, the smell of food or animals. Use air fresheners with soft odors. You are probably immune to the aromas of your home, so you will need to have a friend or neighbor to help you.

5.- ARRANGE DESPERFECTS. We must make a little investment to get more for our house. Let’s check doors, windows, kitchen, bathroom, cistern, plugs, faucets, and floors. If we see that something is deteriorated we must fix it or change it, always putting attractive materials that are not expensive.

6.- REORGANIZE FURNITURE. The objective is to give a feeling of greater amplitude. Having less furniture and better reorganized the spatial vision of the house changes. Eliminate bulky furniture that blocks the way, so the rooms will look much more spacious, so buyers can better imagine how their own furniture would be in each of the rooms.

7.- ORDER. There are two main problems with the disorder. One is that it distracts buyers from the characteristics of their home and the other is that it seems that the house does not have enough space. You must rearrange the cabinets, an interested client will review them. The storage room, if you have it, must also be clear so that it stands out as a large space.

8.- PAINTING. It will completely change our house. With a coat of paint, any room will look much newer and brighter. Choose light colors so they can better capture the light.

9.- EXTERIORS. You have to take advantage of the exterior you have, whether terrace, balcony or garden. In case your house has a garden you should cut the lawn, arrange the trees and plants, reorganize garden furniture, eliminate or repair very deteriorated elements, … to give a pleasant and orderly impression.

10.- GOOD PHOTOGRAPHS. Once everything is ready, take the opportunity to take good photographs, ideally for professional photographers since they know how to take advantage of the spaces and have better photography equipment. A video of our house will help attract more potential buyers.

Alberto Murcia Jabaloy

Alberto Murcia Jabaloy

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