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21 diciembre, 2020 por Alberto Murcia Jabaloy0

Even in this strange and complicated year, Realtyplus continues to grow at all levels. We have opened new franchises in Spain, internationally and, above all, we have developed new services so that our teams are better and can help their customers better every day.



Spain: this year 2020 we have opened new Realtyplus franchises in the Basque Country, the Balearic Islands, Levante, Andalusia, Madrid, Castilla La Mancha and Castilla y León.

At an international level, we have incorporated new Master Franchises in Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico into our network, as well as new franchisees in Latin America that have allowed us to be present in 11 countries.

In addition, we are already well advanced in the openings of new franchises in Europe and Asia.



At the beginning of 2020 we have opened our new headquarters in Madrid, in the heart of the Salamanca district. More space, more equipment, closer.

We have also improved and expanded our franchisee expansion, training and support departments.

At the technology level, we already have new tools for mortgage and insurance processing, group work tools between offices, etc. as well as tools for calculating electricity self-consumption, payment gateways with web / Smartphone card to facilitate payments and signals, …

We have launched a free online advisory tool for our clients in real estate, legal and tax, financial and insurance matters.



We are aware that training is a fundamental pillar in the 21st century real estate agent. Technology, purchasing procedures, legal and tax systems, etc. should be to become tools that help our teams of real estate advisers, so that they can help their clients

We have added new training content in areas such as Energy in homes, Social Networks, Photography with a Smartphone, etc. We have also updated and expanded our training plans and certificates.



We have made a special effort to develop new services around the world of real estate investment, both nationally and internationally.

We have also created new business and service channels:

Global Opportunities: Acquiring real real estate opportunities is already possible at Realtyplus. Auctions, embargoes, quick sales, …

A team of specialist Realtors and Lawyers will help you to be successful.


Global Cash: Financial company of the group dedicated to helping our clients in all matters related to mortgage financing, private equity, reverse mortgages, personal loans, business financing, investments and savings plans, …


GlobalUrban: Sustainable real estate developer company. Industrialized construction, Energy Efficiency, Passive Houses, … for custom projects or with 4 predefined models of efficient houses.


And for 2021?

Far from stopping, we will continue to grow much more.

We are the RedInmobiliariaColoborativa. The more agencies, more equipment, better services, more clients… the better we can help our clients. We must foster collaboration within the network and externally.

Our challenges in 2021 is to establish ourselves and grow more where we already are and, above all, open new markets. The real estate market is global, our clients are global, our services are global, we have to be global. There are no borders at Realtyplus.

Perhaps the most important challenge for this 2021 that Realtyplus Central has is the creation of the loyalty system (Win For Ever) that will allow our clients and supporters to be in contact with the real estate world and always win. We will explain more.


If you are interested in developing your international real estate business, do not hesitate to write to me:

Alberto Murcia Jabaloy

Alberto Murcia Jabaloy

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