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RP International is a Realtyplus Real Estate Group company. Based in Spain, it will be one of the most important international real estate business platforms.

We have just started and we are already in the USA, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Spain. Soon we will be in many more countries.

RP International is an international real estate business platform open to all real estate professionals. To become an RP International Real Estate Agent you need a minimum of knowledge, which can be obtained in such prestigious training as the CIPS (Certified International Property Specialist) of NAR, as well as the membership of international real estate associations such as NAR, FIABCI, …

From RP International we provide our approved International Agents with technological tools to publish real estate, contact Realtors from other countries, search and offer: investment opportunities, experts in real estate business areas, ….

But the most important thing is the human team that coordinates and gives support in international real estate investments and advised at all times by a specialist in specific areas that provide the necessary value for clients.

The RP International management team is composed of Javier Perez, RP Invest Director, Isabel Zenocratti, RP International Coordinator and Alberto Murcia, Director of the Realtyplus Group.

Management tools and coordination of equipment and activities, are essential for good success of the work and, of course, the local collaboration of Real Estate Agents specializing in each of the areas where the real estate transfer is made.

There are already some similar initiatives on the market (real estate market place, …) but although they initially look alike, they do not really have anything to do with it. They do not stop being technological tools, without the support of specialists, without work methodology and without any kind of approval and control that the Real Estate Agents that use them have the appropriate knowledge and know-how.

At RP International we are certifying International Real Estate Agents that want to successfully take on these challenges.

If you are interested, develop your international real estate business, write me: alberto.murcia@realty-plus.es


Alberto Murcia Jabaloy

Alberto Murcia Jabaloy

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