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In this year 2020, many things have happened that are leading a large number of people to reinvent themselves at the work level.

They must seek new jobs, and even many must seek new formulas for self-employment that allow them not only to overcome the current situation, but also to enter a new reality in the world of work that gives them more security and depends only on themselves.

Even if we are in a bad situation, even if we do not know what is going to happen, although all the information given to us leads us to pessimism, we must recover and work our own way. We should not wait for anyone to come to solve our problems, each one must act and, above all, stop complaining and see how we can use what happens around us in a positive way.

The human being hates changes. If it weren’t for the fact that at some point someone’s cavern caught fire, we would surely continue living in them. Crises first provoke fear, panic, rejection, etc. , but thanks to them humanity evolves. Seize the moment and look for new horizons.

The real estate world, as we conceive it at Realtyplus, can be a serious option for these people who need a change of sector.

Although the real estate sector is also prey to the current crisis, it is no less true that housing is a basic necessity and, if people cannot buy houses, they rent them, and if they rent them, there must be someone to buy them as an investment. , … not to mention that it is a good refuge for small investors who, due to the uncertainty of pensions and the low profitability and risk of other investments or how little banks pay for deposits, see the security of the ” brick ”a great option.

Be that as it may, in this real estate sector there is and will be place and work for good professionals who decide on this sector. But it has to be serious, competent, adding value to your customers and helping.

Being one of them in a market with a lot of competition does not make sense. Leaving an activity that makes us suffer to suffer elsewhere makes no sense. Trying to do everything alone and end up hurting customers, which is the hand that feeds us, does not make sense.

At Realtyplus we understand the real estate market as a sector in which our clients expect the best of ourselves. We are not sellers, we are not commercial, we are not ruthless. We are professionals, we are advisers and we help our clients in EVERYTHING they may need and that is related to a real estate transaction.

At Realtyplus we are aware of the current delicate situation and that many people are looking for new horizons, but above all they are looking for SECURITY. That is why we have just launched a new type of real estate franchise called SILVER.

SILVER is Realtyplus’s bet to HELP enter the real estate market without pain. With this modality and, WITHOUT INVESTMENT, we can start in the real estate market with a client portfolio, with a product portfolio, with all the covered services that a real estate agent may need (training, advertising, technology, legal advice, management, accounting, insurance of civil responsibility,….), complementary services that provide you income (insurance, financial, reforms,…) all without investment.

In addition, with the help of Realtyplus and, if you want, you can evolve with other types of franchises that we put at your disposal (IRON, QUARTZ, …) so that at all times you are where you want to be and your income expectations can be met , evolution, professional, etc. as far as you want.

If you also live in a town or city with less than 1,500 inhabitants, you can benefit from the Realtyplus Silver-Land work system designed for self-employment in rural areas. Not only are you going to enjoy a much less stressful environment than that of large cities, but you can work, totally or partially, in the real estate market, help your neighbors and earn a very good living. You can combine it with other professional activities. You manage your time and your life.

But, there is still more, your market is the world. You have no limit on types of clients to work, types of properties to manage, areas of action, countries of action, etc. And, if you are satisfied with us and at some point you want to or have to move from an area or country, it is not a problem if you are in Realtyplus. We not only allow it, but we will help you.

At Realtyplus we are clear that our clients (agents, our franchisees, our teams, the clients of our agencies,….) Come first.




Enter the 21st century hand in hand with professionals.

“If you walk alone, you will go faster; if you walk together, you will go further ”




Realtyplus is an international real estate network, with world headquarters in Madrid (Spain)

Alberto Murcia

Alberto Murcia Jabaloy

Alberto Murcia Jabaloy

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